Cult Of Personality

We welcome our very first guest to the show, Writer/Producer Jonathan Melikidse, and discuss the weekly happenings:

  • Amanda Bynes Files to end Conservatorship after nearly 10 years.
  • Burger King is reducing the number of chicken nuggets in their meals
  • Democrat Tulsi Gabbard begins to defect to the Republican Party
  • 3 Men in Ohio pleaded guilty in a domestic terror plot to destroy power plants and start a race war
  • Twin Flames Universe and the insane influencers of the new age movement, Jeff & Shaleia 

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Distorted Reality

Kawika and Sarah drop a few personal bombshells as they delve into the weekly happenings of the world. Topics include The “Freedom Convoy”, Shen Yun, Kanye West’s Toxic Masculinity, and The Barbie Movie starring Margot Robbie. 

Space Cadets

Kawika and Sarah tackle the weekly news and their personal thoughts about space colonization in the premiere episode.

Have you thought about what it takes to live in outer space? Are we going to be farmers on mars or will we be drinking space food from a 40oz truck stop cup in a floating chair?

Dive down the rabbit hole every Sunday and join the conversation as we dabble on politics, share our opinions on the newest movies and music, and talk story with some of the coolest guests from Hawai’i and the mainland.