Chapter One

Moku Moku a new, Hawaiian comedy series, is an irreverent take on life in rural Maui following the locals and their struggles of living in paradise. Episodes explore the seemingly unreal and hilarious nature of three friends as they live day by day.

We’re currently shooting our Pilot Episode

Episode 01 | IDENTITY: Pili and Leilani help Kimo clean his mother’s garage. Inside he finds momentos of his grandfather’s past. Unfortunately, the contents don’t tell the whole story of who his grandfather really was.

If we can successfully produce funding from this Pilot Episode we’re then able to complete episodes 2-6 of Moku Moku Chapter One.

Episode 02 | LADY IN WHITE: Kimo and his friends are throwing their yearly party when things get broken up by a power outage and a ghostly sighting.

Episode 03 | THE MORNING AFTER: While cleaning up after the party, Kimo and Leilani hash things out while recalling the night before.

Episode 04 | BREAKING SPAM: With the rising cost of spam musubi, Pili tries to get a raise, Leilani starts a side hustle, and Kimo considers finally getting a job after his aunties pressure him at a bbq.

Episode 05 | PARADISE SOLD: Leilani, Kimo, and Pili are denied a free sunset cruise from a timeshare company when they’re told locals are not eligible for the promotion, but a hot coffee accident causes Kimo to jump and scream in a fit that gets mistaken for a Hawaiian chant and is offered a position as the resort’s cultural advisor.

Episode 06 | MUK MUK BANG BANG: Pili’s foray into being a social influencer comes to a head when he is sponsored by a local char sui company to broadcast a live mukbang.

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