“Th–ks ag–n —ie”

“How ’bout you finish that slice before you start talking again. You know I hate when you talk with you’re mouth full.”

“Sorry, Junie.”

“Apology accepted. Now eat your pie. I’m going to call for the drop point.”

She’s still got it. Nearly 10 years and she’s still a firecracker.

“Koji. It’s June. We have confirmation for the drop?”

I’m just glad she still puts up with me.

“No, he’s indisposed right now.”

I’m glad she hasn’t killed me.

“Oh, he’s fine. His mouth is just full of deep dish.”

God, this pie is good.

“Me too. Man can eat. How he’s managed to stay in shape this long is beyond me.”

Dodging bullets makes me hungry.

“No, he doesn’t exercise.”

Running Tek and watching your 6 is all the exercise I need.

“Zero, Alpha, Zero. Got it.”

It’s a damn good 6 too. It’s a shame I can’t touch it anymore.

“Alright, we’ll see you there Koji. I gotta go, he’s got that post-gig sex-glazed look in his eyes.”

“Do not.”

“Do too.”

“Do not.”

“Then that better be a cannoli in your pants…”