In this business, you dance with who brought you to the ball. Micky & June aren’t changing partners anytime soon, especially if I have anything to do with it.

“Unlucky in love, but always good for business! How’s my favorite couple?”


She doesn’t look too happy.

“Feelin’ pretty fab! How’s it hangin’ Koj?”

“Heavy and ripe, my friend!”

“Can we save the bromance for another time?”

“What’s eating her? You piss ‘er off again Mick?”

“When don’t I?”

“Play the lottery boys, for once my dearest ex-husband is right about something.”

Somebody’s touchy.

“I think it’s shark week. It’s about time for her PMS to kick in.”

“And he’s back to being wrong… Can we just make the exchange?”

I would pay to watch these two all day. Hell, I do pay for it.

“Thanks, Koj! Easy money.”

“Easy? The only thing easy about this money is predicting how fast it’ll go into your stomach.”

“You two have a run-in with the law?”

“Nothin’ we couldn’t handle.”

“Handle has a very loose definition in his case.”

“We’re still breathin’, ain’t we?”

Here we go again.

“You won’t be breathing for long if you don’t save some of this money and move off of my couch.”

“Your couch? Koji gave me that couch before we met!”

I’m gonna check the shipment. They aren’t pulling me into this.

“Don’t you try to ignore this! Koji Toshio Hamura, so help me…Aargh! You better stop your friend here, before he and his couch are your full-time problem.”

“You kickin’ me out? I don’t need to stay! As a matter of fact, I would rather live with Koji than put up with any more of your dumb rules.”

“Dumb rules…? Koji, can you please explain to him that putting the toilet seat down is not dumb?”

“I’m not picking sides and he’s not moving in. I do, however, have a score that’s perfect for the two of you. It should even provide the kind of cash you kids need to amicably complete this divorce you started three years ago.”

“How big?”

“Yeah, how big Koj?”

“Big enough to quit the game.”