There’s no turning back.

There’s no going back.

There’s no chance.

I have to get away.

“I can’t run anymore! GOD this hurts!”

Micky tucked himself away in the thicket. He had to take a moment to recollect himself. He had no idea how long he had been running for, but the dense bloodstain on his abdomen was significant enough to take a break.

“I could go for a cocktail right now… one that gets delivered by a sexy waitress.”

He spits a wad of blood out of his mouth and began to hack uncontrollably.

“I could go for a doc too… a sexy one that delivers cocktails.”

He may have felt like death was upon him, but that wasn’t going to change the usage of his tasteless and plucky wit.

“Excuse me, doc! Check please!”

Micky activated his distress beacon, dropped from his sitting position, and fell comatose on the ground.

Three hours passed.

“Micky! Micky! Micky you lummox!” Smack. “Get!” Smack. “Up!”

“I’ll take a gin neat and your finest cauterizing agent…”

“I’ll take another wallop at your head if you don’t get up, babe.”

“Junebug! You came for me!”

The blood loss was very obvious and so was his love for his wife. They’d only known each other for a few weeks, but Micky knew they were meant to be.

“Can’t finish this honeymoon without my guy.”

June began to wipe the dirt and blood off his face and kissed him on the forehead.

“Junie, where’s my skip?”

“I had to stash it for a while. Too much heat on it. But don’t worry, babe. I got you something extra special to take its place.”

“A convertible?”

“A panel van.”

“Babydoll, you shouldn’t have! This is gonna be great! Think of all the loot we can stash in it!”

“How about we get you patched up first.”

She knew he was gonna make it. She just didn’t feel like babysitting him in any delirious state, drunk or injured. June began to lift up Micky and swung his arm over her shoulder. He took advantage of the situation and cupped her breast.

“I got a patch for you, right here!” Micky squeezed her boob like a bike horn. “Toot, toot.”

“You’re such a gentleman.”

June helped Micky into the passenger seat of the van and hopped in the driver’s seat.

“Don’t you know it, babydoll.”